The Board of Directors for the Live From the Rock Blues and Folk Society, October 20, 2019

  • Jim Malo – President

  • Mary Lynn Dingwell – Vice President

  • Cindy Poulin – Treasurer

  • Emily Foulds – Secretary

  • Cathy Morgan – Membership Director

  • Mark Williams – Technical Director

  • Jean-Paul De Roover – Artistic Director

  • Laura Foulds – Festival Chair

  • Dorothy Henderson – Member At Large

  • Susan Hagens – Member At Large

  • Azim Hosein – Member At Large

  • Bruce Hyer – Member At Large


Our Vision & Mission

Celebrate music and the arts on the northern shore of Lake Superior.


Our Goals:
  • To provide an enjoyable and affordable weekend of quality live entertainment

  • To create an outdoor even that is open and accessible to all people

  • To foster cooperation, consideration and tolerance, while sharing in the common love of music and the arts

  • To facilitate opportunities for interaction between musicians, artists, and the audience

  • To promote regional and Canadian artists

  • To enhance the cultural life and contribute to the economic activity of the local community and the region

  • To foster an appreciation of the unique beauty and inspirational power of Lake Superior


Our Values:
  • Provide opportunities for personal and professional growth for volunteers

  • Treat volunteers with respect and care, recognizing that they are the heart of our organization

  • Regard our sponsors as friends and members of our organization and to solicit their ideas and feedback

  • Create a sense of community and belonging through the shared activities that this folk festival creates