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Environmental Initiatives

For a few days in August, Pull-A-Log Park is transformed and plays host to Live from the Rock. For the rest of the year, the park and lake shore are home to a diverse ecosystem. Help us minimize the festival's environmental impact and ensure the park and planet are looked after. We want to make sure that we keep the park and campground clean, green and beautiful during and after festival weekend.

Zero Plastics Policy

The festival is a "no single use plastic" event, meaning that all our food vendors in the Festival Food Court use sustainable or compostable dishes, serving containers, cups and utensils. Beverages in single use plastic containers like bottled water, juice or pop are not available. We encourage festival goers to bring their own reusable water bottle for the weekend. Crisp, cold and free municipal drinking water is available from several taps around the site. The bonus? There is rarely a line!

Volunteer Green Team

We also have a committed volunteer Green Team working hard throughout the weekend to collect garbage and recycling and to sort recyclable materials from trash. Our goal is to reduce the amount of post-consumer waste that ends up in the local landfill. Leave no trace and discard your waste in the correct bins. Recycling bins are provided across the festival site.

Please respect our volunteers, your festival neighbours and the environment. DO NOT LITTER!!

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Prohibited Items

Please do not bring in glass bottles or other prohibited items like fireworks as they can harm the wildlife that live on the land. Keep generator use to a minimum when possible to help avoid excessive noise and air pollution in the campground.

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