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Volunteer Positions


Site Set Up & Tear Down

Availability leading up to the festival and the day after required. Duties include stage set up, placement of festival signage and banners, set up of site fencing, assisting technical crew with delivery and set up of sound equipment. Ensuring garbage bins, tables and chairs are delivered to required locations. Site tear down happens by working with Red Rock Township staff starting Sunday evening and the day after the festival. Knowledge of the festival site, physical fitness, willingness to work long hours and a valid driver's license are assets for joining this crew.


Family Zone

These volunteers use their creativity and energy to plan and carry out entertainment, games  and hands-on activities for our "little folk". It is the job of this crew to make sure that everyone has a safe and enjoyable time.



Instrument Lockup: Provide secure storage of performers' instruments and personal items in backstage area. Excellent people skills, physical strength and endurance, attention to detail and using care to move equipment.

Back Stage Security: Act as gatekeepers to green room and area behind Festival Stage. Assertive volunteers needed to ensure entry to those with proper credentials.

Gate and Roaming Security: Conduct bag and credential checks at various festival entry points. Roam festival site and campground to ensure patron/camper safety and security.

Overnight Security: Remain at main gate ensuring only campers and volunteers are admitted to festival site.  Monitor campground for adherence to campground rules and roam festival site. Must have use of personal cell phone.


Festival Pub Security: Check ID and ensure Festival Pub patrons are over age of 19. Assertive volunteers 19+  with experience in making decisions under pressure required.


Green Team

This crew makes sure that the festival site remains clean, green and beautiful. Duties include picking up garbage and recycling, making sure there is enough toilet paper in the portable toilets, re-stocking hand sanitizer, removing garbage bags from bins and emptying recycling bins. The festival is looking for people that can work independently, walk/roam for four (4) hours at a time and and are able to lift garbage bags out of bins. Be the master of the Lean Mean Green Machine and drive the bicycle and trailer!

festival pub.png

Festival Pub

Volunteers on this crew must be 19 years of age or older and be able to work in a busy environment selling liquor tickets, serving alcohol and being assertive in refusing sale of alcohol. Individuals with SmartServe certification are preferred.



Schleppers transport instruments, supplies and passengers on the site using golf carts and small vehicles. A valid driver's license is mandatory and volunteers much have the physical strength and endurance to lift items and the problem solving skills to deal with any situation.


Merchandise & Raffles

Members of this crew sell Live From the Rock merchandise and raffle tickets. We are looking for people with cash handling experience and customer service skills. Raffles are an important fundraiser for the festival, so volunteers should have an outgoing personality. Volunteers will be asked to mix and mingle, so crew members will need to be able to walk during their shifts.


Music N' More

Music N' More volunteers are responsible for selling performer merchandise throughout the weekend. Members of this team should be comfortable interacting with people, require good counting skills and are asked to provide friendly customer service.


Volunteer Tent

Our volunteer station provides a check-in for all volunteers throughout the weekend of the festival. Members of this crew have skills to work with the public, are knowledgeable about the festival and are able to answer questions.


Technical Crew

This crew helps in the set up of sound equipment in advance of the festival and assists with sound for our stages on festival weekend. This crew should have experience and prior knowledge working with sound equipment and stage set up. as well as strong team work skills with the ability to take direction and work well with others. Positions on this crew include stage hands, stage managers and sound assistants. To make sure all volunteers are a good fit to the position they are screened by our Technical Director.


Stage Hosts

Our volunteer stage hosts serve as emcees for our workshop stages and main Festival Stage performances. Stage hosts must be comfortable speaking in front of crowds, engaging audiences and reviewing written material such as the program book, performer bios and festival sponsor list.

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